GGSA Prevails; Salmon Dodge Drought

On March 25 four trucks released over 400,000 baby salmon from the Coleman hatchery at Rio Vista in the lower Sacramento River.  These fish will have much higher survival rates than if they had been released at the hatchery, almost 300 miles upstream where drought ravages the watershed.

Federal hatchery managers agreed to trucking the fish to Rio Vista after months of negotiations with the Golden Gate Salmon Association which first made the request to truck back in December.  GGSA knew then that without massive rain, drought conditions would likely kill most baby salmon in the Sacramento River and its tributaries this year.

Transport of the salmon to Rio Vista not only increases salmon survival, it also greatly improves the chances for a decent fishing season in 2016 when they fish are adults.

Reporters from across northern California and beyond gathered to witness the release of the baby salmon.
Click here to read GGSA’s press release.

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