Comments on the Fifth Staff Draft of the Delta Plan

To: Salmon Supporters

Many of you have signed onto a number of activities in the past in support of rebuilding the California salmon populations and other species.

There is a new issue on the table and we are again asking for your support with your name, your business and your logo, if you have one.  The California Delta Stewardship Council was created by the Legislature in 2009 to oversee the recovery of the Delta ecosystem.  They have gone through a series of draft “Delta Plans” and recently released draft number five.  They are requesting public comments.

Unfortunately, Draft Five is woefully inadequate particularly when it comes to rebuilding fisheries.  Bill Jennings of CSPA and David Nesmith of the Environmental Water Caucus have prepared the attached excellent set of comments on the shortcomings of the plan.  We are now seeking a broad coalition of fishing, environmental and related businesses and organizations to sign on in support of these comments.  We would appreciate your joining this activity.

The response is complex and is 28 pages long (click here to read).  The fisheries organizations with logos at the top of this page all support the document and urge you to sign on.  We hope our support will save you from reading all 28 pages.

To add your name to the supporters list simply email me giving me your name, organization and your location.  Please respond by Thursday September 22nd.

Thanks for your help.

Dick Pool


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