Fish On!

I recently went to GGSA’s Lodi Chapter dinner and have a few pics you might like to post, with this story:

Catching-Bodega Bay 7/10 & 7/11 — Kings red hot, while fishing a few miles outside the whistle, using green, clear, and red rotary killers with anchovies, recommended from Lodi’s Fisherman’s Friend. We had a great two days of catching as Julio – age 11 caught his limit and cleaned all 18 keepers over two days ranging in size from 6-30 lbs., mostly in the 20 lb. class on board the “Wine O” with captain Dario from Acampo/Lodi.

Julio was a real trooper. He got a little sick each day, fought it off to catch his limit, cleaned the boat constantly, and on top of that, he cleaned all our fish without even asking. Top it off, when we got back to the house after dinner, he even made us cherries jubilee over ice cream…kid’s amazing!

Best,  George V. Rossi, GeoFresh Marketing LLC, Lodi


Beginners Luck!  From Rita Archibald, San Jose, CA:

I had my first experience with salmon fishing in August of 2011 with Captain Robert Gallia on board of the charter boat El Dorado.  We took off from the Berkeley Marina at about 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 14, 2011 and headed for the Marin coast.

We passed through the rough waters of the Potato Patch and approached the Marin coast.  It was a nice warm summer day, the water was calm and inviting, but obviously cold.  Captain Gallia was very attentive to all his anglers, especially beginners like myself.  He showed me how to prepare the bait and assisted me with setting up my fishing rod.

After couple of hours of waiting I was getting bored — all of a sudden someone yelled “Fish on!”  The fish was on my hook!  I jumped and grabbed my rod. The fish felt very heavy and was putting up a fight! I felt excited and frightened and the same time! My first big fish — I did not want to lose it! I called for help and Captain Gallia assisted me with bringing the fish closer to the boat.  It was still fighting as we were reeling it in. We were able to see the silver back of the salmon above the water. To me it seemed to be very big! I could almost hear the theme song from the movie “Jaws!”  When we brought the fish on board it happened to be a decent size salmon – 18 lbs.  I won the prize for my first salmon because it happened to be the biggest fish of the day! All anglers on the El Dorado got their limits that day.  

It was an amazing experience. The fish was big enough to feed about 14 people. I had a party later in the week for my son’s birthday and the salmon was the main course for the birthday dinner.   

I won the bragging rights about my amazing experience!  

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