The Science department is responsible to work with biologists and other scientific experts on science-based conservation strategies for habitat and population management; as well as training in understanding, analyzing, applying and communicating complex scientific concepts, information and tools to GGSA’s Board of Directors. The goal is to provide information pertinent to improving salmon habitats and to specialize in developing innovative and cooperative partnerships to regain and maintain a healthy Salmon population.

GGSA has retained the services of Mr. Dave Vogel of Natural Resource Scientists Inc. and Dr. Jon Rosenfield of The Bay Institute to assist in this work.  The restoration team is targeting things like prime spawning habitat that is currently unproductive due to lack of spawning gravel where a simple infusion of gravel would go a long ways towards producing many more salmon. The team is proposing to improve rearing habitat in the upper Sacramento River by providing manmade structures where juvenile salmon can hold and hide while feeding in the river.  The team has identified predator hotspots both in the river and in the delta where predator controls efforts would go a long ways towards reducing loss of juvenile salmon. Phase one of the restoration plan is nearing completion. The next phase will involve working with state and federal officials to get funding to implement it.
GGSA Salmon Rebuilding Plan